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Mr. Viveka Mandal

Company CEO

“The first step is the hardest as life will not serve you the skills or the right path, but chances to develop and grow on your own with power.”

I believe in actions, not words, as it is easy to say but hard to do. From the beginning of the journey, I believe in the strength of teamwork and passion, and they both together form the ideal blend for driving vast solutions.

Ackrolix Innovations is not just for digital solutions for the clients but opportunities for the team. It will bring in talent and perfection for the people with chances to grow and explore the extensive benchmarks.

Mr. Subrata Sarkar

Company Co-Founder

"Nothing is better than anything,
No one's struggle is smaller than other's
It is life that teaches us lessons,
and it is us who decides to recite."

Everyone has something to teach us, whether a kid or a senior citizen. I keep learning from all the individuals to boost my current level. We all are the competitors in the field who fight with ourselves for self-development.

Ackrolix Innovations is working with and for a vast talent pool. Here we are discovering advanced skills and solutions together.